🌊Driftwood w/ Airplants + Succulents DIY

Driftwood w/ Airplants + Succulents DIY

In today's DIY guide we are going to learn how to make a simple arrangement using two types of low maintenance water wise plants. Tillandsias and succulents are both easy to take care of and pair perfectly well with driftwood. An easy way to add a natural beach vibe to your home or office space.  

 airplants and driftwood DIY succy crafts



  1. driftwood  
  2. sphagnum moss
  3. airplants/succulents
  4. glue gun/gluesticks


1.I picked out a small piece of driftwood with natural crevasses. I placed glue inside the crevasse and pressed sphagnum moss into it to create a bed for my plants.

driftwood DIY by succy crafts

DIY succy crafts

succulent DIY by succy crafts

airplant DIY by succy crafts

2.I placed glue on my airplants and succulents and arranged them on the piece of driftwood.

3.I covered the glue you could see around the plants with more moss to give it a natural and clean look.

 driftwood DIY by succy crafts

garden DIY by succy crafts

garden decor DIY by succy crafts

airplant blog by succy crafts

simple driftwood DIY by succy crafts

simple succulent DIY by succy crafts

simple garden DIyY by succy crafts


driftwood and succulent DIY by succy crafts


office decor DIY by succy crafts


And there you have it!! Such an easy and low maintenance DIY. I like to keep mine in a location with bright indirect light, to keep my plants happy. I water mine with a spray bottle every three days or so. The glue does not hurt the plants at all. I know it can be a little daunting to put glue on your plants but they root and grow just fine. Another reason to love and collect succulents and airplants*🐝 The driftwood piece and plants were purchased @barrelsnbranches 😍
🤗 #tssdiys


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