🌟Terra-cotta into Gold DIY

In today's DIY I will show you how to make a plain terra-cotta pot into a beautiful golden, glittery planter. 
terracotta DIY
Raise your hand if you have terra-cotta pots lying around in your garden that need a little TLC 🙋🏻‍♀️ I sure do! The color combinations are limitless and really transform a plain brown pot into a glittery fancy planter. 
1. Terra-cotta pot
2. Elmer's glue, or other similar craft glue
3. Glitter
4. Acrylic paint
5. Paint brush
6. Sponge brush
7. Paper (to protect your workstation)
terracotta DIY supplies
Step 1:
I started off by protecting my workstation with butcher paper. I opened my Craft Smart 'King's Gold' paint, grabbed my paintbrush and started adding my first coat of paint onto my clean terra-cotta pot.
paint terracotta diy
I saturated the tip of my brush with a thick coat of paint and brushed it on my pot in one direction. I realized that brushing the paint in one direction makes the finished product look much smoother and neat.  
terracotta diy paint 1
To apply the paint on the lip of the tera-cotta pot I flipped my pot upside down, placed my hand inside the pot and brushed the paint in one direction. 
golden planter diy 1
golden planter diy 2
golden planter diy 3
The first coat of paint will look thin. I applied two more coats, three coats in total and I let each coat dry before applying the next coat. Painting the rim is optional. I decided to paint mine to give it a complete look.
golden planter diy rim
golden planter diy rim 2
Second coat:
golden planter diy second coat
Third coat:
golden planter diy third coat
Step 2:
Make sure that your pot is completely dry. Once it is, it is time to jazz up the lip of your pot! I opened my Elmer's glue and applied a thick line of glue along the lip of my pot.
glitter planter diy 1
glitter planter diy 2
I used a sponge brush to carefully apply the glue on the lip of the pot. Make sure to clean off any glue that drips down the lip. You want the glitter to be strictly on the lip only.
glitter planter diy 3
Glitter time!!✨I opened my glitter bottle and made a thick layer of glitter on the glue. Gently shake off the excess glitter. As you move along the lip of your planter make sure to completely cover the entire surface of the glue with glitter. 
glitter planter diy 4
glitter planter diy 5
I used a make-up brush to brush off the excess glitter.
glitter planter diy 6
glitter planter diy 7
I also applied glitter to the rim of my pot, but this is optional.
repurposed planter diy
repurposed planter diy 2
repurposed planter diy 3
repurposed planter diy 4
My planter is all done!! What do you think? I think it turned out nice and it sparkles!!
repurposed terracotta pot
Step 3:
Time to plant! My favorite part of course, I can do this all day*
I picked out a beautiful purple Anthurium because I think it pairs well with the gold paint and glitter. 
plant diy anthurium
First things first, add potting soil about half way up your pot. Make a well in the middle. 
plant diy anthurium 2
Take your plant out of its nursery pot and shake off as much of the soil from the root ball as possible without hurting the roots. 
plant diy anthurium root ball
Gently place the roots inside the well of soil and carefully press the roots down into the soil.
plant diy anthurium 3
plant diy anthurium 4
Anchor your plant by putting more soil in the pot until it has reached just under the rim of your planter. Leaving a little space will help the water from spilling over the rim when watering. 
glitter pot diy anthurium
glitter pot diy anthurium 2
I used a brush to clean off the soil from the rim of my pot. 
glitter pot diy anthurium 3
You are officially done!! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you try this easy project out in your garden! 
plant diy
glitter diy
easy garden diy
Photos & blog by Mel Zuniga
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Beautiful! I’m going to try this.

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