🎄 Succulent Christmas Ornament DIY

Succulent Christmas Ornament DIY

In today's DIY guide I want to get festive! We will work on some cute little Succulent Ornaments that are the perfect holiday time craft to give as a gift or even to use on your own tree this year. As always feel free to leave a comment with any questions and I'll be sure to help you out ASAP!

Succulent Christmas Ornaments DIY Guide 



  1. Ornament with opening
  2. Active charcoal
  3. Stones
  4. Cacti mix
  5. Spanish moss
  6. Chopstick
  7. Jute Twine
  8. Christmas stickers
  9. Small Succulent Cuttings


I know I'm totally jumping the gun here but who can resist, I clearly couldn't!

  • The first layer should be your active charcoal to prevent mold and bacteria from growing. 

Succulent Holiday Ornaments DIY GUIDE

  • The second layer is your stones, place them towards the back of the ornament to even out the weight and to make enough space for your soil. I used two different colors to jazz it up*😬

Succulent Themed Holiday Ornaments

  • Place a small mound of soil in the center of the mound of stones. 

Succulent Themed Ornament DIY Guide

  • Grab a small amount of moss, roll into a ball using both of your hands and gently stretch it out to create a small nest-like mound. 

Moss Ball for Succulent Ornament DIY

  • Place the mound of moss right on top of your soil. 

Succulent Ornament DIY Guide

  • I chose 2-inch succulents because they fit perfectly inside of my ornament. I used succulents straight out of their nursery pots so there was no need to prep them days before by cutting their stems and waiting for them to callous over like I usually do. I did make sure to clean off all the dead leaves and shook off most of the soil they came with. After I cleaned my succulent I used my chopstick to make a hole in the center of the mound of moss and snuggled in my succulent making sure the stem touched the soil underneath the moss. 

Succulents for Christmas Crafts and Ornaments

  •  I replaced the silver string the ornaments came with, with a red and white jute twine. 

Succulent DIY Guide for Ornaments

  • I found super cute stickers at Michael's craft store and placed one right on the top center of the ornament. A little "foo foo" as my mother would say, makes all the difference*😊

Succulent Christmas Ornaments DIY Guide

I hope I've inspired you to make your own living succulent ornaments for your Christmas tree this year*

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What size ornaments and how do you get everything through such a small hole?

Judy Johnson

how do you water them and how often?

shelley tu

Love this idea of succulent ornaments. We plan to host a succulent workshop at our facility to promote water conservation and have some fun this holiday season. I’d love to share the photo of all the ornaments together via social media. Who took the photo so I can get permission. Thanks, Xochitl.

Xochitl Pena

How long do these last, and how would I water them


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