🎨Tie-dye Ornament DIY

 In today's DIY guide we are going to learn how to make super easy abstract drip ornaments. The color combination possibilities are limitless. You can go traditional with green, gold and red or match it to your color theme. 

tye dyed ornament diy

 Christmas is getting closer and closer so why not make your own colorful ornaments for your Christmas tree?!. A perfect craft to make with your children or family and friends. It's super easy, cheap and fun. Each and every tie-dye ornament you make will be unique and can be used over and over again throughout the years. Lets get started!


1. Plastic ornaments (Dollar Tree)

2. Acrylic paint (Michaels Craft Store)

3. Plastic cup

4. Piece of paper (to protect your workspace)

5. Jute twine 

Thats it!

 ornament diy


Step #1

I wiped down my ornaments and took off the tops. Be careful when doing so. The tops can unexpectedly pop off and hurt your fingers, so be cautious. 


abstract ornament diy


Step #2

You can use as many colors as you like for your ornaments but I would stick to only three or four colors at a time. The more colors I used the more muddy the colors became. When using four or less the colors remain different from one another and don't become a dark mess. If you happen to make a muddy mess and the paint is still fresh, you can wash out your ornament with warm water and a bit of dish soap!


Open the tops of your chosen colors and slightly tilt your ornament, gently squeeze your bottle of paint into the ornament. 


ornament diy


I started with my color red and made multiple spots spread out through the ornament. I then let the paint drip down the sides of the ornament. You can shake or tap your ornament to help the paint move along a little faster if you like.⏰ 


Christmas ornament diy


As my color red started to dry I proceeded with my second color and made multiple spots just like I did with my red. 


easy ornament diy


I then proceeded with my third and last color gold.

I filled in the remaining holes with the remaining paint left inside the ornament by gently tapping the paint in the direction of the holes.  


cheap ornament diy


All done!! Yes, it's that easy, the only "hard" part of this DIY is to make sure to cover the entire inside of the ornament with paint. 

The colors I used for my first ornament were: Craft Smart Red, Green and King's Gold.


fun ornament diy 

Step #3

Flip your ornament upside down into a cup. Wait at least 24 to 48 hours before putting the top back on.


easy diy blog


Even though the finished pattern at first looked camoflauge, the upside-down position made the paint slide down which created a beautiful blend of lines running along the ornament. Such a pleasant surprise!👍🏼 


painted ornament blog


ornament diy blog


I made two more ornaments, all different colors. 

The colors I used for my second ornament were: Pale Blue, Deep Coral and Apple Tart.


Christmas diy blog


easy Christmas diy


diy guide


The colors I used for my third ornament were: Deep Turquoise and King's Gold.


easy diy


christmas diy


ornament do it yourself guide


kids Christmas diy


Last step:

*I made sure my ornaments were completely dry by sticking a q-tip inside and made sure it came out clean*

I used jute twine to hang my ornaments, the type or color of twine is up to you.

In conclusion I think my ornaments came out nice but most importantly I had fun making them!🤗  The simple fact that each ornament is a unique and personal piece makes it even more special to me.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you get the chance to create some of your own* 



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If someone has a favorite color, you can make that person a dozen of that color for a little basket to keep in their room or for their tree.

Linda Capell

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