♻️Tin Can Planter DIY

Tin Can Planter DIY 

In today's DIY guide we are going to recycle our tin cans and make them into succulent planters. Tin cans have become super popular in the craft world to make all sorts of creative DIY's. For this DIY we are going to glue string around our can and plant some cute succulents to make it 100% better. 

tin can DIY by succy crafts


 simple tin can DIY by succy crafts

  1. Tin Cans
  2. String
  3. Tacky glue
  4. Sponge
  5. Stones (optional)
  6. Charcoal (optional)
  7. Soil (70/30 mix for proper drainage)
  8. Succulents
  9. Scissors
  10. Nail
  11. Hammer


1. Wash and dry whatever tin can you would like to use and rip off the paper. 

tin can DIY by succy crafts

simple DIY by succy crafts

2.  Grab your nail and hammer and hammer down using your nail, holes on the bottom of your tin can. Adding drainage holes to your planters is very important. Succulents do not like to sit in water, they like to stay dry in between waterings.

tin can DIY guide by succy crafts

simple tin can DIY by succy crafts

DIY guide by succy crafts

3. I placed a small amount of tacky glue in a small container and used my sponge to spread my glue on the bottom half of my tin can. 

craft guide by succy crafts

succulent DIY by succy crafts

succulents in a tin can DIY by succy crafts

succulent crafts by succy crafts

simple succulent DIY by succy crafts

4. Choose whatever color or size of string you prefer. I like to start glueing my string where the glue that held the paper is. This will become the back of the planter. 

tin can and succulents DIY by succy crafts

5. Make sure you have a long piece of string ready, and simply wrap the string around the can. Gently press down on your string to make sure it stays put.

craft DIY by succy crafts 

*When you reach the back of the tin can, place your string above the first row of string you created and continue to wrap the string around. If you notice that you have gaps between your rows of string, use your index and thumb finger to gently press the strings together.

succulents and a tin can crafts by succy crafts

succulents and a tin can DIY by succy crafts

DIY with succulents by succy crafts

6. Continue the wrapping process until you reach the lip or the rim of the tin can. Try your best to end the wrapping process on the back of the can where you started. Cut your string and make sure that the tail is glued down to your can.

DIY tin can guide by succy crafts

tin can craft by succy crafts

7. Now that you have your tin can wrapped, it's time to make it into a planter. This is totally optional but before I add my soil to the can, I place a layer of stones and charcoal. The stones help the water drain from the roots of the plants and the charcoal will prevent mold from growing in your can.

succulent planter DIY by succy crafts 

tin can planter DIY by succy crafts

garden planter DIY by succy crafts

*For my succulents I used a thimble cactus, portulacaria afra variegata and a echeveria 'mazarine'.

succulent arrangement DIY by succy crafts
planting succulents guide by succy crafts 

succulent design guide by succy crafts

arranging succulents guide by succy crafts

simple succulent craft DIY by succy crafts

DIY project with succulents by succy crafts

8. The last step is to top dress your planter. Top dress hides the soil and adds a natural look to your succulent arrangement. This too is optional.

simple succulent DIY by succy crafts 

succulent craft in a tin can by succy crafts

succulent garden design by succy crafts

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully when you have the opportunity to recycle a tin can, you make it into a cute planter for your succulent beauties.  


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Just a caution (maybe this doesn’t apply to succulents) Cans sitting in the sun can get very hot. This is why I don’t use them for planters or bird houses.

Sandra Josephsen

Great 👍 project recycling and beautiful arrangement with cute succulent plants ❤️


I love this & your site! Thank you for all your information. This is my first year to do anything with succulents or any plants. I have been a one vine woman all my life! I love all the information!


Where did you get colored string?


Love it!!! Turned out gorgeous!!!

Donna Shipley

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