😍Succulent Kokedama DIY

Succulent Kokedama DIY

In today's DIY guide we are going to go over one of the most requested crafts ever! Kokedama translates to moss ball. The trend first started in Japan but has become a global sensation. 

succulent kokedama DIY by succy crafts



  1. Orchid moss 
  2. Sphagnum moss
  3. Peat moss
  4. Cacti mix
  5. String(your preference)
  6. Succulent


1.Grab two handfuls of each of the orchid moss and sphagnum moss and mix together. Soak it in water and take apart any hard clumps and throw away any twigs. Using your fingers break the moss apart to create small pieces. This will help blend both mosses together and create a smooth consistent mixture. You’ll know it’s wet enough once you can mold it in your hand without it falling apart.

popular DIY by succy crafts

moss ball DIY by succy crafts

2.Mix equal parts of your peat moss and cacti mix. 

Pour about two cups of water and mix it together until you can form a ball without it falling apart. It should be pretty wet.

simple kokedama DIY by succy crafts

3.Take your plant out of its nursery pot and keep it together in the palm of your hand. With your free hand grab a small handful of the mud mixture and cup your hand around the neck of the plant and press down. Photo # 6 gives you a good example of what I mean. Continue this process until you have covered the entire top half of your ball with the mud. When you finish the bottom half you should end up with what looks like a mud ball.😬

kokedama blog by succy crafts

4.Take your string and wrap the mud ball all together. It should be wrapped up a bit tight to keep it from falling apart. This should help the dirt stay in place. Cut the string and make a tie a knot.

DIY moss ball by succy crafts5.The same process of how you created the mud ball in step 3, should be the same process you do with your moss mixture. Starting at the neck of your plant and working your way down the ball. At the end of this step you should end up with a moss ball, in other words, your Kokedama.🤗😅

how to make a kokedama by succy crafts6.Wrap it up with yet another layer of string. This is where you can get creative and wrap it in a certain pattern or wrap it as I did, the messy way😉 to the point where there’s only hints of moss peaking through the string. Cut your string and tie a knot. Press the kokedama down on a flat surface to create a flat bottom on the ball. This will help it sit straight up!!

succulent DIY by succy crafts


succy crafts DIY


 kokedama how to by succy crafts

DIY kokedama by succy crafts 

kokedama succulent DIY by succy crafts

SIDE NOTE: There are many ways to create a kokedama. With all sorts of moss and soil recipes and different wrapping techniques. @kokedamabycarla has been a great resource and inspiration to me*😘 THANK YOU😁


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