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🦉 Succulent Basket DIY

Succulent Basket DIY

In today's DIY guide we will be creating a succulent basket full of moss and colorful plants to decorate your garden or to give as a unique gift. 

succulents in a basket diy



  1. Basket (your preference)
  2. Plastic wrap
  3. Sphagnum moss
  4. Succulent cuttings
  5. Tacky glue
  6. Wooden owl and fall decor


1.I prepped about 10 succulents a few days before, by cutting their stems short and letting them callous over.

2.Since I didn't need to use the entire depth of the basket, I placed a plastic pot inside to take up half of the space.

DIY succulent basket by succy crafts

succulent basket DIY by succy crafts

 3.I lined the basket with plastic from a grocery bag to protect the basket from getting wet when I water the succulents.

DIY succulent decor by succy crafts

4. I soaked sphagnum moss in water, rung it out and filled the remaining space of the basket.

succulent DIY by succy crafts

succulent fall DIY by succy crafts

5. I glued the base of the Kalanchoe Tomentosa 'Panda' plant with tacky glue and placed it in the center of the basket. I repeated the glueing method balancing out the pink and green succulents around the panda plant. I glued a few filler succulents to fill any holes.

DIY with succulents by succy crafts

basket with succulents DIY by succy crafts


6.Because this is a fall inspired basket I placed a few fall ornaments and a cute little owl to make it unique.

simple succulent DIY by succy crafts


7.Lastly I glued moss to the entire rim of the basket. This gave it a more complete and natural look.

simple DIY with succulents by succy crafts

 DIY by succy crafts


Side note: I will water the basket when it feels light when picking it up. I will water it only in the center to not damage the basket.
This was my first basket project and to my surprise it did not take that long to arrange* I love the way it turned out and it looks great with the rest of my front porch fall decor. I hope I inspired you to give it a whirl! All materials where found at #michealscraftstore 🦉🍁🦉


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