👻 Halloween Fairy Garden DIY

 Halloween Fairy Garden DIY

In today's DIY guide we will be creating a ever so popular fairy garden with a spooky twist. Today is Friday the 13th which means Halloween is right around the corner, so as part of my front porch Halloween decor, this fairy garden will take center stage. 


DIY fairy garden by succy crafts 



  1. paint brush
  2. black paint
  3. cardboard
  4. sand
  5. googly eyes 👀
  6. pebbles
  7. cotton ball
  8. fairy garden figurines
  9. spooky plants
  10. toothpicks
  11. sphagnum moss
  12. cacti mix
  13. plastic bag
  14. .tacky glue
  15. planter



    1. I painted my toothpicks black and glued them together to form crosses.

    fairy garden DIY by succy crafts

    Halloween DIY by succy crafts
    2. I cleaned a few pebbles and glued googly 👀 onto them.

    Fairy garden DIY by succy crafts 

    Simple Fairy Garden DIY by succy crafts

    3.I used cardboard to cut out tombstones and a pathway and painted them black. I glued some green sand on them to add a pop of color.

    Halloween DIY by succy crafts

    DIY fairy garden guide by succy crafts

    4. I didn't have a black plastic bag at hand so I painted a regular grocery one black.


    DIY succulent garden by succy crafts


    5.I lined my planter with the side that I painted black side down. I filled my planter with dirt and placed dry moss around the edges of the planter to give it a natural look. 


    DIY craft by succy crafts

    6. I started off by placing my cardboard pathway, placed my haunted house and started to work my plants and props around them. The last thing I did was gently stretch out a cotton ball and placed it on top of the moss to make it look like cobwebs.

    Do it yourself succulent fairy garden by succy crafts


    fairy garden DIY by succy crafts

    DIY succulent garden by succy crafts

    halloween DIY fairy garden by succy crafts

    halloween succulent fairy garden DIY by succy crafts


    simple DIY halloween fairy garden by succy crafts


    DIY by succy crafts

    Side notes: Surprisingly I was able to fit all my handmade props and fairy garden figurines except for two tombstones. The end result was extremely satisfying. Being my fist fairy garden project I realized that I should of used a bigger planter to be able to spread it all out a bit more and to be able to add more plants. Other than that it was such a blast to put it all together. This was a great learning experience for me. I hope you enjoy my photos and mini tutorial.



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