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♻️Plant In A Tin Can DIY

Plant In A Tin Can DIY

In today's DIY guide we are going to go over one of the most popular trends on Instagram. A succulent plant in a tin can*😬 A great way to recycle your cute tin can for the garden. 

DIY succulent in a tin can by succy crafts



  1. Tin can (clean) 
  2.  Hammer 
  3.  Nail
  4. Active charcoal
  5. Stones
  6. Cacti mix
  7. Cactus or succulent


1. Wash out your tin can and dry. Using your hammer drill holes on the bottom of your can with the nail. This will help your plant drain properly when watered. 


tin can DIY by succy crafts

2.Once you've nailed a few holes at the bottom of your can. The next step is to add active charcoal to your can. Active charcoal will keep your can from developing mold and bacteria that will inevitably kill your plant. 

 DIY planter by succy crafts
3. The second layer are your stones. This will help your plant dry out fast and keep water from pooling under the roots of your plant. 

simple succulent arrangement DIY by succy crafts4. The dirt is the third layer, fill your can about a little more than half way. Make sure that it is a cacti mix. This type of soil will give your plant the proper nutrients and will not store excess moisture.

tin can DIY guide by succy crafts

5. Now for the fun part, the planting part. Gently take out your plant from it's nursery pot and shake off most of the dirt. Snug in your plant in the can and fill the remaining space with dirt. Adding stones as top dress is totally optional, but really makes it look clean and gives your plant more character. 

succulent arrangement DIY by succy crafts
succulent DIY by succy crafts

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