📏 Popsicle Shelf DIY

Popsicle Shelf DIY
In today's DIY guide we are going to create a wooden shelf made completely out of popsicle sticks. You can display your shelf outdoors or indoors for your succy plants or cute small trinkets. 

DIY hexagon popsicle stick shelf by succy crafts



  1. Popsicle sticks (I used 120) 
  2. Tacky glue
  3. MinWax wood stain 
  4. Paint brush
  5. Protective gloves
  6. Wall hanger (optional)


1.Notice on this photo I laid 3 sticks flat on the paper. Place glue on each corner of the sticks. Grab 3 more sticks and place each corner of them on top of the glue, forming a hexagon. This pattern will naturally form as you keep stacking the sticks together. Make sure that the round corners align with one another, this is how you will create a even hexagon shape.

DIY simple wood shelf


DIY hexagon popsicle stick shelf by succy crafts

2.I created 20 total rows in order for my tin can to be able to fit. The depth of your shelf will depend on the width of your planter.


DIY wood shelf by succy crafts

3.I waited for my glue to completely dry.

4.I put on my protective gloves and started to stain my shelf using my paint brush. I used the brand MinWax in the color 'cherry' #235. I brushed on two coats. I highly recommend you staining and drying your shelf outside. The stain has a very strong smell that you don't want in your living space.

popsicle stick DIY by succy crafts

DIY shelf by succy crafts

5.As you let your shelf completely dry, work on arranging your planter. If you don't want to display a planter on your shelf, you can always display small trinkets or framed photos.  

Succulent plant shelf DIY by succy crafts


Simple DIY wood shelf by succy crafts


DIY succulent shelf by succy crafts

DIY popsicle shelf by succy crafts


6.You can either hang your shelf or place it on a table and BOOM😃 you've got yourself a handmade shelf made completely out of popsicle sticks!😝

Side note: Idea inspired by Pinterest & CREATED by @makeanddocrew



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