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In today's DIY guide we will be creating a beautiful centerpiece that can do with almost any seasonal theme you would like. Perfect for the holidays or for a summer evening picnic. You can typically find these themed crates at your local craft store if we are currently out of stock. Enjoy, and be sure to comment below with photos of your finished centerpiece!

succulent centerpiece by succy crafts




  1. Box (your preference)
  2. Plastic Wrap
  3. Spanish Moss
  4. Wood Glue
  5. Tealight Candles
  6. Candle Holders
  7. Scissors
  8. Adhesive Spray Glue
  9. Cacti Mix
  10. Succulents of your choice


1. Since I don’t need the entire depth of the box I placed 2 inch nursery pots in each insert to take up half of the space inside. 

succulent centerpiece diy guide by succy crafts

2. I inserted party bags to each insert to make this process easier for me due to the shape of this specific box. I used my scissors to cut and shape the bag around the rim of the box. Using my wood glue I glued each plastic bag securely around the edge of the box. The plastic will protect the wood and keep it from seeping when I have to water my succulents. I waited a full day for the glue to properly dry.

succulent centerpiece step by step guide by succy crafts

succulent centerpiece guide by succy crafts 
3. Using my adhesive glue I sprayed the edges of the box and gently started gluing the Spanish moss. I kept the Spanish moss nice and tidy by cutting the wild loose strands. This is optional. Glueing the Spanish moss to the box will both give it a rustic look and hide the plastic underneath.

holiday succulent centerpiece diy guide
4. Next, I filled the inserts with cacti soil. Notice I filled the inserts that will be carrying the candles with Spanish moss. This will create a bed and keep the candle holders erect.

succulent centerpiece by succy crafts

5. I used four small 2in succulents and four cuttings as fillers to plant in my box. I placed two Christmas candle holders and tealight candles in the center. To add a little Christmas spirit I decorated the center of the box with Christmas decor. 

holiday succulent centerpiece guide

how to make a succulent centerpiece by succy crafts


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