🚪Succulent Fall Wreath DIY

Succulent Fall Wreath DIY

In today's DIY guide we will create a beautiful fall inspired wreath. I used a 10in grapevine wreath, sphagnum moss, ornamental berries, leaves, pumpkins and pinecones. I love birds and thought it would make a perfect addition.

DIY wreath by succy crafts



  1. 10 inch grapevine wreath
  2. Ribbon
  3. Floral wire
  4. Jute twine
  5. Sphagnum moss
  6. Fall decorations
  7. Succulent cuttings
  8. Tacky glue
  9. Ornamental bird


1. I prepped several succulents a few days before by cutting their stems very short and letting them callous over.

2. I glued a good amount of moss to the bottom of the wreath with tacky glue. I pressed down on it for 10 seconds to make sure it all stayed together.

 3. I selected a 'Teddy Bear' Kalanchoe Tementosa, placed glue all over the stem and the base of the succulent and glued it right in the center. I pressed just like I did to the moss for 10 seconds. I went on doing the same process with the rest of the succulents, balancing out the dark and the light colors.

4. I glued the ornamental berries, leaves, pumpkins and pinecones to cover up any odd holes.

5. Lastly I glued the bird right on the left top corner of the wreath and stuck a little burgundy moss to each corner to add a little pop of color. I made a bow of glittery burlap ribbon and TA DA my wreath was complete.

Side note: I let my wreath dry over night laying flat. Before hanging it up I made sure it was all dry* I of course had a blast! I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial and hope to inspire you to give it a whirl❤️
@walrusforlife Thank you for taking such great action shots and for your support. Couldn't do it without you*😘


succulent wreath DIY by succy crafts


DIY wreath by succy crafts


simple wreath DIY by succy crafts

wreath DIY simple by succy crafts
fall wreath succulent DIY by succy crafts
DIY wreath craft by succy crafts
door wreath DIY by succy crafts
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