🌿Succulent Terrarium DIY

 Succulent Terrarium DIY

In today's DIY guide we are going to go over one of the most requested crafts ever! Terrariums have been around for a very long time but have become super trendy the last few years. A unique way to keep succulents and cacti alive and thriving in a glass jar. 

DIY terrarium by succy crafts



  1. Terrarium/jar glass 
  2. Sand
  3. Stones
  4. Sphagnum moss
  5. Active charcoal
  6. Cacti mix
  7. Succulents


1.I started off by layering green and white sand. The more uneven you create the layers the cooler the design becomes.

succulent DIY terrarium

2.I then added stones about 2" deep.

3.The active charcoal came next, this component is added to avoid molding in the jar by pulling toxins and bacteria from the soil and the water. It also helps deodorize the terrarium.

terrarium DIY by succy crafts

4.Sphagnum moss is the second to last layer. I added a fun neon color one and the regular kind.

terrarium simple DIY by succy crafts

5.The cacti mix is the last layer and should be deep enough to plant your succulents in. I made all my layers 2" deep.

terrarium DIY by succy crafts

6.I chose succulents that work well in bright light but don't necessarily need direct sunlight. I was able to fit 8 succulents without them touching the glass. I added decorative moss balls and stones to give it a more desert like look.

DIY terrarium by succy crafts


succulent and cacti terrarium DIY by succy crafts

terrarium simple DIY by succy crafts

DIY terrarium with succulents by succy crafts

terrarium DIY with cactus by succy crafts

succulent terrarium DIY by succy crafts

garden terrarium DIY by succy crafts

terrarium garden DIY by succy crafts

Fun Fact: The first terrarium was created in 1842 by botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. The trend became super popular in the Victorian Era among the English. It was known as the Wardian case.🤓
Side Note: I will water my succulents using a spray bottle, spraying water at the base of my plants. I placed my terrarium in a well lit area with good air circulation. I do not recommend you placing your terrarium in direct light, since the glass can act like a magnifier and completely roast your plants.😬Even though my terrarium came with a lid, I will keep mine open to prevent extra moisture from developing. Terrariums can be kept closed if you choose to plant tropical plants. The moisture it creates when closed makes the perfect environment for your tropical plants to the thrive in. I planted succulents, so naturally I want to keep it as dry as possible. I will keep you updated on how my succulents react to their enclosed environment. Since this project was so cheap and easy to create I plan on making a tropical one*🐝


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How big was your glass container in this post? I followed your instructions pretty well and barely had room for the succulents! Obviously, my container wasn’t big enough and I should have asked this question earlier! But my granddaughter loved it and I’m gaining an interest in succulents myself. I love this website and my plants all arrived in beautiful condition.


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