🎅🏻Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder DIY

Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder DIY 

In today's DIY guide we are going to go over how to make a cute and festive mason jar covered in glass pebbles! This mason jar will illuminate your home with a unique and distinct pattern. Perfect to gift this holiday season or to use in your own home.

DIY mason jar candle holder by such crafts



  1. Mason jar with rim on
  2. Glass pebbles (80)
  3. Glue gun
  4. Glue sticks (3)
  5. Ribbon (optional)
  6. Tealight candle 
  7. Scissors



1. Wipe down your mason jar clean and keep the rim on. You can either discard or keep the top for later use.

2. Sort through your pebbles and pick out and only use the more round and smaller ones. (some are oval and big)
This will give you a more consistent pattern through out your jar.

3. Once your gun is warmed up, place a dollop of glue on the flat side of your pebble, start at the very top of your jar and press down on your pebble to make sure it sticks. Work your way down the jar forming a straight line. I was able to fit 6 pebbles from top to bottom.

DIY mason jar candle holder by succy crafts

Mason jar candle holder DIY by succy crafts

Christmas mason jar candle holder DIY by succy crafts

4. Keep this pattern going starting from the top and working your way down. Try your best to keep the lines straight. I ended up fitting 13 rows. *At the end you may find yourself fitting the pebbles like a puzzle to the remaining spaces. Make sure they fit before glueing them down*😬 

5. The ribbon is optional but it really adds the drama and uniqueness to your jar. Measure out your ribbon around the rim cut it and glue it. If you know how to make a bow, I recommend you making one. This will really take your jar to the next level. Glue the bow to what you’d like the the front of your jar to be.

Christmas candle holder by succy crafts

DIY Christmas decor mason jar candle holder by succy crafts

Simple mason jar DIY by succy crafts

Christmas decor simple DIY by succy crafts

6. Drop your tealight in and enjoy the mesmerizing sparkle!!😍🤤😍 THANK YOU FRIENDS😘

Candle holder DIY by succy crafts


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