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Arranaging Succulents in a Round Pot

arranging succulents DIY by succy crafts

In today's DIY guide we are going to learn how to arrange succulents in a round pot, using one succulent plant in the center as a 'thriller' and eight more succulents as 'filler' plants.

I'm happiest in my garden and making arrangements is one of my favorite garden pastimes. And to make them truly shine there is a specific three ingredient recipe that if you follow will make all your succulent containers full of color and absolutely eye-catching.

Thrillers, Fillers & Spillers

"Thrillers" are the stars of the party and always take center stage in your arrangements. Succulents that are big, bold and undeniably beautiful, make the perfect centerpiece to your succulent container.

"Fillers" are plants that compliment and contrast well with the "thriller" plants. Succulents that are beautiful but won't take the main stage and beauty from the "thriller" plant. I like to surround my "fillers" around my "thrillers" to give my arrangement a symmetrical clean look.

"Spillers" are plants that give your arrangements texture and proportion. For this arrangement I did not use a "spiller"plant, but if I had I would of picked a beautiful trailing Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' to give my concrete container a softer look.  

Plants I used:

4" Echeveria 'Neon Breaker'

2" Echeveria 'Debbie'

2" Echeveria 'Cubic Frost'

2" Echeveria Subsessilis 'Morning Beauty'

2" Echeveria 'Tippy'

Step 1: I like to use two brands of cacti mix. Black Gold cactus mix and E.B. Stone cactus mix. Both have excellent soil structure and drainage for all types of cactus and succulents. I like to fill my container with soil up to the the rim, for this arrangement I used Black Gold cactus mix.

DIY with succulents by succy crafts

 Step 2: I carefully take my succulent plant out of it's nursery pot and shake off the loose dirt from the root ball and pluck out any old dried up leaves at the base of the plant. I grab my succulent at the neck of the root ball and place the roots in the hole I've dug up for it in the center of the container. I gently cover the hole with dirt making sure the root ball is completely submerged under the dirt but all leaves from the succulent are sitting right on top of the dirt. The bottom leaves of the plant should not be under the dirt at all, only the root ball. 

succulent design DIY by succy crafts

how to arrange succulents guide by succy crafts

succulent arrangement DIY by succy crafts

Step 3: I like to arrange my fillers by using two of each variety of plants in even numbers and placing them on opposite sides of each other. This give it the symmetrical pattern look that I like. I like to imagine my round arrangements as a whole apple 🍏 pie, that I can evenly slice. This helps me space out the filler plants around my thriller always planting them opposite from one another. The more varieties of succulents you use the better contrast in texture and color you create.🎨 I like to clean the rim of my container and dust off my succulents from dirt with a fluffy makeup brush. Works like a charm.😉

simple succulent DIY by succy crafts

DIY with succulents by succy craftsDIY with succulents by succy crafts

succulent guide by succy crafts

simple DIY with succulents by succy crafts

flower arranging guide by succy crafts

arranging plants by succy crafts 

round succulent arrangement DIY by succy craftsStep 4: I like to "top-dress" my succulent arrangements with decorative rocks. This technique covers your dirt around your succulents and adds a pop of color to your creation. I use a knitting needle to move my leaves when placing my stones. When I'm done fitting in my stones I gently press them in to the soil. I use a mix of pebble stones that vary in size and have a natural tone to them. The possibilities are endless when it comes the the color and size of your top dress. You can even match the color of your succulent with the color of your top dress and make it one of a kind.🤓 

top dress your succulents DIY by succy crafts

arrangements with top dress DIY by succy crafts

arranging succulent containers by succy crafts

colorful succulent arrangement DIY by succy crafts

DIY succulent arrangement by succy crafts

container gardening DIY by succy crafts 

floral design DIY by succy crafts

container design with succulents by succy crafts

 I hope you enjoyed my step by step guide. May this blog give you inspiration to go outside and get your hands dirty.🐝👩🏻‍🌾🐝 


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The succulent arrangement is really lovely. Can you provide an estimate on approximately how long it would take before you would need to replant this arrangement into a larger pot or container?

Sharon Spencer

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