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Succulent Plants and DIY Guide Blog - Succy Crafts

­čîŐDriftwood w/ Airplants + Succulents DIY | Succy Crafts

­čîŐDriftwood w/ Airplants + Succulents DIY

Driftwood w/ Airplants + Succulents DIY In today's DIY guide we are going to learn how to make a simple arrangement using two types of low maintena...
­čî┐Airplants + Beans DIY | Succy Crafts

­čî┐Airplants + Beans DIY

In today's DIY guide┬áwe are going to┬álearn an easy way to display┬áairplants┬áusing a small vase and beans!­čść Tillandsia varieties are low maintenance plants that are easy to take care of. All they need is┬ábright light┬áand a nice spray of water once a week. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors and bloom showy flowers in bright tropical hues. This DIY is easy to create to jazz up your home or office space.┬á