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Succulent Plants and DIY Guide Blog - Succy Crafts

✨Nursery Pot Makeover DIY | Succy Crafts

✨Nursery Pot Makeover DIY

In Today's guide I will show you how I transformed a basic nursery pot into a vintage stone planter made out of one main ingredient...grout!!😃 Let'...
🌟Terra-cotta into Gold DIY | Succy Crafts

🌟Terra-cotta into Gold DIY

In today's DIY I will show you how to make a plain terra-cotta pot into a beautiful golden, glittery planter.  Raise your hand if you have terra...
🎨Tie-dye Ornament DIY | Succy Crafts

🎨Tie-dye Ornament DIY

 In today's DIY guide we are going to learn how to make super easy abstract drip ornaments. The color combination possibilities are limitless. You...
🔟Easy Succulents to Grow | Succy Crafts

🔟Easy Succulents to Grow

Succulent Plants for Beginners  Have you caught the succulent bug but don't know where to start? Succulent plants have really made their way up the...