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Collection: Aeonium Succulents

General Aeonium Facts

Aeonium Succulents offer about 35 different species and usually feature long stems and rosettes that tend to look artificially flawless.  Aeonium Succulents rosettes feature round leaves while they tend to be either solid colors or variegated with different colors like white, yellow, red and green.  Aeoniums tend to propagate fairly easy with cuttings making it easy to fill in your garden. 

Examples of Common Aeonium Succulent Plants

Aeonium Blushing Beauty, Kiwi, Suncup, Lili Pad just to name a few. 

Regions that Aeonium Succulents Come From

Aeonium Succulents are native to the Canary Islands though there are also found in  small numbers in parts of Madeira, Morocco and in East Africa. 

Why We Love Aeonium's at Succy Crafts

Aeoniums are by far one of our favorites solely because they look artificially perfect but are a real plant! They are easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to our personal garden.  

Aeonium Succulent Care Tips

Aeonium Succulents are quite easy to care for. They are mostly grown in pots and containers to be put on Patios and decks.  They should be brought inside before frost, as they do not tolerate freezing temperatures. Aeoniums do not like hot or dry weather, their true growing season is winter to spring when temperatures are cool and moist.  They do not require excessive watering in summer unless there is extreme heat in excessively dry conditions. They grow best in full sun to light shade.  If being kept indoors, they require bright indirect light.  They are best to water once every two weeks when the soil looks dry.  As they are sensitive to root rot.