Collection: Lithops & Mimicry Plants

General Aizoaceae Facts

Aizoaceae is a very large family of dicotyledonous flowering plants containing 135 genera and about 1900 species. They are commonly known as "stone plants" or "carpet weeds." Species that resemble stones or pebbles are sometimes called "Mesembs." 

Examples of Common Aizoaceae Succulent Plants

Commonly found Aizoaceae succulents include Baby Toes, Tiger Jaw, Lithops, Lithops Pleiospilos, Pleiospilos Nelli Royal Flush

Regions that Aizoaceae Succulents Come From

Aizoaceae is largely endemic to Southern Africa, with a few species found in Australia and the Pacific.

Why We Love Aizoaceae Succulents at Succy Crafts

We may describe some other succulents on the site as "alien" but these ones honestly look out of this world! These things would genuinely look at home on some alien planet or maybe even in a fairy's world! And if that's not enough, they also tend to have these cute blooming flowers that look like daisies!

Aizoaceae Succulent Care Tips

Although some of these succulents may be nicknamed "ice plants," they do not do very well with chillier areas, instead preferring the warmer coastal areas. They also tend to be very picky about their soil, so we recommend keeping them in well draining soil and steering clear of more densely compacted soils. Be sure to keep them in full view of sunlight if possible, so either out from under the shade in a garden or in a nice windowsill that gets plenty of sunlight is the best place for them. Finally, if you do keep your Aizoaceae succulent indoors, make sure that water can escape the container and do your best to not overwater(once a week at the absolute most!)