Collection: Echeveria Succulents

General Echeveria Facts

Echeveria is a large genus of succulent plants in the Crassulaceae family, native to semi-desert areas of Central America. These succulents are often in a rosette shape, making them popular ornamental garden plants. Typically, Echeverias are also quite hardy, being resistant to drought and some frosting(Although, we don't recommend testing that if yourself).

Examples of Common Echeveria Succulent Plants

Echeveria Olivia, Echeveria 'Colorata', Echeveria Minima, Dusty Rose, Firecracker Plant

Regions that Echeveria Succulents Come From

Echeveria are native to Central America, Mexico, and Northwestern Southern America.

Why We Love Echeveria's at Succy Crafts

There's a million different Echeveria variants! Well, not really. But pretty close to it. Whether you've got a budding garden or if you're just looking for that final touch to make your arrangement perfect, there's likely an Echeveria to fill that niche. And it doesn't hurt that they're easy to take care of too.

Echeveria Succulent Care Tips

First and foremost for Echeveria care is proper watering. The most common problem with Echeveria is overwatering, so make sure to try and keep your watering at a moderate amount in the hot and dry seasons, making sure to not re-water again until the soil is dry again. Another problem would be mealybugs, so keep an eye out for signs of mealybugs making a meal out of your succys. As for general care, make sure to keep your Echeverias in as much sunlight as you can afford during the day(or an indoor grow light if during the winter) with mulch and gravel or sand around them to prevent weeds.