Collection: Gasteraloe Succulents

General Gasteraloe Facts

Gasteraloes are a category of hybrid plants, a mixture of the species Aloe and Gasteria genera. They tend to be stemless or almost stemless. Their succulent leaves, which are normally spotted or marked and have toothed margins, form rosettes.  

Examples of Common Gasteraloe Succulent Plants

Bicolor Dwarf Gasteria is our only "common" Gasteraloe Succulent, but we still tend to carry a healthy amount of other Gasteraloes whenever possible.

Regions that Gasteraloe Succulents Come From

Due to being hybridized plants, Gasteraloes aren't native to any region in particular though it is speculated that they were originally conceived in South Africa.

Why We Love Gasteraloes at Succy Crafts

While we don't have as many Gasteraloe variants as we'd like, they're still fantastic plants that show off an interesting mix between two succulents that only a hybrid succulent can offer!

Gasteraloe Succulent Care Tips

Gasteraloes are much more forgiving about how much sunlight they get, making them perfect for indoor growing(recommended if you're living in an area that can get a bit frosty) with either some window light or grow lights fulfilling those needs. That being said, they grow best in dappled or partial sunlight with protection from the hotter afternoon rays.