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Collection: Graptoveria Succulents

General Graptoveria Facts

Graptoveria are a hybrid succulent cross between Graptopetalum and Echeveria. Most have compact rosettes between 6-10cm across and will quickly develop offsets(basically little baby versions of themselves).

Examples of Common Graptoveria Succulent Plants

Common Graptoveria succulents include Graptoveria Moonglow, Graptoveria Bashful, Graptoveria Debbi, Graptoveria Opalina

Regions that Graptoveria Succulents Come From

Since it is a hybrid succulent, Graptoverias are not native any region in particular but rather dependent on the parent Succulents for where they can pop up.

Why We Love Graptoverias at Succy Crafts

Graptoverias come in a vivid spectrum of colors ranging from typical greens of succulents to bright yellows and deep pinks or purples! If you want to add some color to your garden or arrangement, these are who you want filling your ranks! 

Graptoveria Succulent Care Tips

Graptoveria care is pretty standard fare, just be sure to keep them in an area where they can get full morning sunlight(try to get them some shade if you begin to notice sunburning) and not to overwater them and they should be fine. However, if you live in a colder region, or the weather becomes chillier, take care of them indoors with ample growlight attention!