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Collection: Kalanchoe Succulents

General Kalanchoe Facts

Kalanchoe Succulents have about 125 different species. They come in all shapes and sizes.  They tend to bloom beautiful flowers between Winter-Spring.  These plants tend to grow up a to a meter long, however a few species end up growing like trees up to 6 meters long!  Kalanchoe Succulents are very popular houseplants as they require little maintenance and have colorful flowers.  Fun Fact, Kalanchoe Succulents were one of the first plants to be sent to space, they were sent on a resupply mission to the Soviet Salyut 1 space station in 1971.

Examples of Common Kalanchoe Succulent Plants

Kalanchoe Panda Plant, Kalanchoe Teddy Bear, Kalanchoe Paddle Plant, Kalanchoe Black Tie, and Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier just to name a few. 

Regions that Kalanchoe Succulents Come From

Kalanchoe Succulents are native to Madagascar and tropical Africa.  They have then ended up in different parts of the world like Arabia and into SouthEast Asia. Kalanchoe Succulents are now easily available and ready in different parts of the world. 

Why We Love Kalanchoe at Succy Crafts

We love Kalanchoe Succulents here at Succy Crafts because they tend to have be fairly fuzzy and colorful.  Between Winter and Spring they bloom beautiful flowers that are really bright.  Kalanchoe Succulents make a great center in arrangements which is personally one of my favorites to use. 

Kalanchoe Succulent Care Tips

Kalanchoe Succulents are easy to care for. They require significant direct light throughout the day though they will survive with bright indirect light.  Watering only when thoroughly dry.  Kalanchoe succulents are easy to propagate with either stem or leaf cuttings.