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Collection: Monster Cactus

General Monster Cactus Facts

Cereus Monster Cactus succulents is a genus of Cacti and is a member of the Cactaceae family. The word "Cereus" derives from Latin and Greek word meaning "wax" "torch" or "candle."  Cereus Cacti are shrubby and treelike, often obtaining great heights.  

Examples of Common Monster Cactus Plants

Ming Thing, Cereus Peruvian "Petra", Cereus Forbesii Cristata, Mini Peruvian Apple Cactus, Cereus Peruvian Monstrose, & Echinobivia "Rainbow Burst"

Regions that Monster Cactus Plants Come From

Monster Cactus are native to Rio de Janeiro. They are also very common in Bolivia and Argentina.  They are now readily available around the world. 

Why We Love Monster Cactus Plants at Succy Crafts

Cactus are a classic for many arrangements and gardens. Great for evoking that sense of the old untamed West, all you'd need to complete that look would be a tumbleweed or two! Although, we wouldn't recommend these in homes with small children or pets that would be tempted to try and eat them.

Monster Cactus Succulent Care Tips

The most common cause of Cactus death is overwatering, so please please please be sure to either make sure the soil is dry before watering or buy a moisture meter to make doubly sure before watering your spiky babies! They'll need more water during spring/summer (maybe watering once every 2 weeks depending on how hot it gets) but once it hits fall and winter, we don't recommend watering more than once every 3-4 weeks. Cactus are luckily A-ok with a great deal of sunlight so don't be afraid of keeping them in an open space or by a windowsill with tons of light!