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General Pachyveria Facts

Pachyverias are actually a hybrid succulent, being a cross between Pachyphytum and Echeveria. Because of this, these succulents vary wildly in both appearance and coloration.

Examples of Common Pachyveria Succulent Plants

Common Pachyveria Succulents include Blue Haze, Pachyveria Glauca Little Jewel, Powder Puff, Pachyveria Claire

Regions that Pachyveria Succulents Come From

Due to Pachyveria succulents being hybrids between a number of different succulents, there is no general area they are native to, though they tend to thrive best in USDA zones 9-11.

Why We Love Pachyverias at Succy Crafts

Because they're hybrids, Pachyverias always have a wild and alien look, easily drawing the eye in an arrangement or garden. They also tend to look nice and juicy when healthy, which is never a bad thing for your little plants.

Pachyveria Succulent Care Tips

We're probably gonna sound like a broken record by now but, once again, because Pachyverias are hybrids, there are few specific care tips for Pachyverias. In general, Pachyverias do not do well with lower temperatures, and the closer you get to freezing, the more likely they are to die so keep them in a warmer area! In addition, many Pachyverias are susceptible to mealybug infestation so keep an eye out for hints of their presence. 

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