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Collection: Sedum Succulents

General Sedum Facts

Sedum succulents are super common and beautiful.  They are often divided into two groups being Low-growing Sedum which spreads as ground cover reaching only a couple inches and Upright Sedum that tend to form upright and tall usually ending up being nice hanging plants like Sedum Burritos.  They are available in a vast variety of colors, forms and sizes. Sedum Succulents are very fun to grow. Fun fact, they propagate very easy and fast!

Examples of Common Sedum Succulent Plants

Sedum Burrito, Firestorm, Mini me, Blue Spruce, Tokyo Sun, Bonsai Sedum and Jelly beans just to name a few! 

Regions that Sedum Succulents Come From

Sedum Succulents are native to the Northern Hemisphere in high mountain regions but have extended to the Southern Hemisphere into Africa and South America.  They thrive in USDA Zones 3 to 9. 

Why We Love Sedum's at Succy Crafts

Here at Succy Crafts we love Sedum Succulents because they make absolutely beautiful arrangements.  They make great hanging plants out of your arrangement and have bright vibrant flowers.  We also love Sedums because of their low maintenance care. 

Sedum Succulent Care Tips

Sedum Succulents are very easy to care for. They should be watered about once every two weeks.  Most Sedums require bright light for most of the day or constant dappled shade throughout the day.