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Collection: Sempervivum Succulents

General Sempervivum Facts

Sempervivums are a genus of succulent plants in the Crassulaceae family, known as houseleeks. Its name comes from the Latin words "semper," which means "always" and "vivus," meaning "living." Typically these succulents quickly grow offsets(the smaller versions of themselves) in order to propagate more.

Examples of Sempervivum Succulent Plants

The most common Sempervivum Succulents are Sempervivum Hens and Chicks, Turkish Hens and Chicks, Sempervivum Cobweb Houseleek, Pacific Devil, Sempervivum Maria Laach

Regions that Sempervivum Succulents Come From

Sempervivums can be found from Morocco to Iran, through the mountains of Iberia, the Alps, Carpathians, Balkan mountains, Turkey, the Armenian mountains, in the northeastern part of the Sahara Desert, and the Caucasus.

Why We Love Sempervivums at Succy Crafts

Sempervivums are easily the most low maintenance, hardy succulents out there. These suckers are the absolute best bang for your buck if you want a lovely looking plant but without any hassle. And for weirdos like us out there, the Sempervivum Cobweb Houseleek is a neat little freak of nature!

Sempervivum Succulent Care Tips

Honestly, the vast majority of these are pretty easy to take care of. Many of them are frost hardy, making them perfectly fine to grow in colder weather, although they usually prefer it a bit warmer. The only thing to know about them is that they are Monocarpic which means once the rosette flowers, it dies. So make sure to pull out the dead rosette and fill the hole with gritty soil. The plant will quickly fill in any empty spots with offsets(the "chicks" part of a Turkish Hens and Chicks, for example.)