Collection: Senecio & Hanging Succulents

General Senecio Succulent Facts

Senecio means "old man" in Latin, and offer a diverse selection Senecio Succulents have over 1,000 different species!  Senecio Succulents are mainly small ground-cover and hanging plants.  There are a handful of Senecio Succulents that are toxic so it's best to be careful around children and pets when planting.  

Examples of Common Senecio Succulent Plants

Senecio String of Pearls, String of Dolphins, Spear Head, String of Tears, String of Bananas just to name a few! 

Regions that Senecio Succulents Come From

Senecio are native to South Africa.  They are now found all over the world and a lot of species are very easily available. 

Why We Love Senecio Succulents at Succy Crafts

Senecio Succulents are one our favorites here at Succy Crafts because wether they are ground cover or hanging plants, they easily make beautiful arrangements.  Also, they grow great indoors with easy care.  

Senecio Succulent Care Tips

Senecio Succulents care is fairly easy. They do great on patios or decks with bright light for most of the day or constant dappled shade. Senecio succulents are best to be watered once every two weeks once the soil looks dry.