Is This a Gift? Or For Someone Else?
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Our monthly succulent boxes make the perfect gift for any plant lover in your life. Or, if you have caught the green thumb yourself, you can now enjoy a fresh variety of hand picked succulents every month!


Have Questions? Here Are the Most Common...

How does the gift Succscription work?

We make it easy to gift your friends, family members, and loved ones beautiful succulents year round!

Simply select how many months you wish for them to receive their plants and how many plants per shipment you wish for them to recieve.

Do I get to choose the plants?

Good question. You will not be able to individually pick the plants for your box. These are randomly selected every month and we will not ship duplicate plants in the box within a 6 month period.

Are the plants different every month?

Yes! We will not ship duplicate plants in the box within a 6 month period.

Do I Save Money By Subscribing?

You are! Our "succscription" boxes are at usually at least 20% cheaper than our regular retail prices on the selected plants.

What size plants are in the boxes?

These boxes can be purchased in small or medium sizes. Small plants are in 2-3 inch pots. Mediums in 3-5 inch pots.

Can I purchase this as a gift?

Of course! Our monthly boxes make great gifts for the nature lovers in your life

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Canceling or modifying your membership is easy. Please note that these are pre paid plans. They cannot be cancelled during the time of the membership, they can however be extended if you wish to do so.

You can login to edit your account HERE.

Do Coupons or Discounts Apply?

Our monthly plans are not eligible for additional discounts or promotions unless we specifically state so in an offer.

How does the non-gift Succscription work?

The membership is exactly the same but it will allow the option to go month to month without having to commit to multiple months. You will be automatically charged every 30 days until the membership is paused or cancelled.