Shipping Information

Shipping Days

We ship orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. With normal 3-day shipping this means your plant should not be held by the post office over a Sunday. 

Unpacking your order

  1. Unpack and plant your order ASAP! Your succulents have already been in a dark box for a few days, so the quicker you get them out, the less stressed they will be.
  2. For step-by-step photos of how to unwrap your succulents, refer to How to Care for Your New Succulents.
  3. Follow the planting and care instructions in Succulent Care.


If your plant is damaged during the shipping, you may be considered for a refund or replacement if you take a photo of the damaged plant and then do one of the following within 24-hours of delivery:

  1. Email the photo to
  2. Send the photo by Instagram direct messaging to @thesucculentstore