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Love them

Very beautiful


Bought for my little sister who lives Cacti, came well wrapped and in great condition. Thank you again.

Fantastic Purchase

I ordered an assortment for my daughter”s baby shower. The delivery was made on time and all the plants were very healthy. I will definitely order from Succy again.

Wholesale Succulent Plants
Patricia Bessette
Happy Plants

My plants arrived in a timely manner and in excellent condition. After carefully removing the packing material, I gave them a drink of water and put them in a sunny location awaiting a more permanent home in a succulent arrangement. They are very happy plants.

Wholesale Succulent Plants
Jacquie Johnson Plants were.healthy and arrived quickly.

Plants arrived quickly and were very healthy

Plant Perfection!

I ordered 80 succulents for a work event, and I wasn't sure what to expect buying succulents online. Let me just say I was WOWed! All of my succulents are healthy and arrived in great condition. The party is Saturday so I've been nursing them until then, and it's been extremely easy with Succy Crafts' easy to follow care instructions. You won't regret buying from SuccyCrafts!


I ordered a variety pack and a few other succulents. Everything was well packaged and very healthy! I was very pleased with my purchase and will order from succy crafts again. 💕

Everyone at our grad party loved them!

Succulents arrived in great condition and on time! We gave them as favors for my daughter's graduation party and they were a huge hit:)

Wholesale Succulent Plants
Douglas Brittingham

Absolutely beautiful and super fast shipping!

Very Happy

I ordered 25 plants and recieved 5 different varietes. They were all good sized, healthy, and well packed. No damage im shipping. Maybe a little soil got tossed around. The variations in plants were nice, colors all rather similar. Like a regular green, with the exception of one that was a light bluish green. One also had little white stripes on it.

Fast shipping! Cute succulents

First timer

Very happy with the product and the shipping time

Really awesome!

I ordered these as a way to get back into my love of planting and succulents. Thinking they were well priced so if they didn't make it, it wouldn't be much of a loss. Little did I know, they are doing amazing! I purchased 5 and each a different variety, so cute and growing so well! Definitely will be purchasing again soon and would recommend to everyone!

Haworthia "Coarctata"
Elsa Hernandez

The cutest little thing! I’m new to all this but they’re thriving so far! Arrived quickly.

The plants arrived on time and in good shape. They made nice Mother's Day gifts for our guests.

Graptoveria 'Fred Ives'
Georgette Tucker

I bought this as a tribute to my father, whose name was Fred Ives. He passed recently and when I came across this on your site, I knew I needed to order it. Now everyday when I look at it, I’ll remember my dad even more.


I ordered the succulents as favors for a baby shower and they are beautiful! The succulents were packed with care and are healthy in appearance. The shipping was fast and came a day earlier than expected.


I wasn't sure what I would end up with and now I'm an owner of 7 cute little succulents.

Great packing

I am always amazed at how well the little plants survive being sent across the country. They were very well packed and survived without a problem. They looked a little droopy and dry but perked up nicely when planted and watered.

Tiger Jaw
Laurel Smith
As good as expected

My tiger jaw arrived in great condition. No damage from trip and was in wonderful looking plant. A very nice size for the money.

Great teacher's gift

I ordered several for teachers appreciation week. It's for a class with one teacher and several aides. Everyone works so hard and is so caring for the children. I repotted the succulents (next time I'll get the kids to decorate) and they were able to choose what they wanted to take home. I got a couple of varieties and they were packed very well. They were in perfect condition. Also turnaround time was excellent. I would recommend a d will be ordering again


I ordered a bundle of 20 succulents and I got 10 different varieties (2 of each) and they were beautiful!! They were the perfect party favors!!

Love them!!

Ordered for Mother's day to give out to our associates and they love them! It did take longer than expected, but they came in well packaged and healthy and beautiful!
We will be ordering agin!

My succulents arrived on time and in good condition.

Great specimen

Great plans for the size, shipping was wonderfully fast also.