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Succy plants

Co.did a great job at sending and packing.


Thank you so much for sending a great plant ! Plants were delivered quickly , despite the holiday season, and in GREAT condition.

They arrived in good condition
I am very pleased with them

Love these

No complaints with these.


just wish they were label for us newbies. But I understand customer service is able to help me. So excited

Lily pad

Lily pad was overwatered, leaves were falling off, had to remove the soil and air dry,.


Very pleased with the cactus and the size. Was a little shocked with the packaging but guess since I knew I had Cactus coming I should have had gloves on so I didn't get stuck a few times LOL. However its in great condition and I am so anxious to see how beautiful it looks later down the line.

Just as I ordered

I dont know why but for some reason I thought these pots would be a little smaller. Much to my delight they were the perfect size and worked out wonderfully.

can't wait for it to grow!

Tad smaller than expected. Can wait for it to grow!

arrived in great shape!

super cute! very pleased!

much larger than expected! Healthy

arrived in great shape! thank you!


Arrived healthy & mine is already making a small prop on the side even though she’s tiny to begin with.

Perfect little buttons!

They are perfect!

I love it

It arrived healthy & is doing great!

Arrived perfect

These succulents and cacti are AMAZING. Best shipping company so far. The plants arrived perfect and such a a great deal


Order came in a timely manner and the packaging was done carefully and all plants were in great condition.

The Donkeys Have Arrived

The packaging for these guys was very secure and the cuttings were in tact. The color and healthiness was very appropriate. My only reservations lies within myself. I am just not sure what to do with them so that they will live. Not having roots worries me. But I didn’t emerge them in the soil by only laying them on damp soil. They still are looking great but not sure how long that will be. Don’t think I’ll be ordering any more cuttings till I do some more research. Otherwise I will continue to be very vigilant with fingers crossed.

Beautiful Little Devil

This little plant arrived in very good shape and looking like a little devil should. Standing perky and with a great color of green. Will be ordering him some company soon.

so perfect

heat pack was cold upon arrival and there were a few anxious nights but after a re-potting and some TLC, this guy has a bud already! did not even know he was going to flower and I cant wait to see what color it will be.

Beautiful healthy plants!!💞💞

Beautiful healthy plants! Love them💞💞💞💞

Having to fight to stay.

Mr didn’t come in very good shape. There were three petals broken from the mother plant. When I repotted I went ahead and put the broken pieces in the soil next to mama. I gave them a drink of water and so far they all are do alright. I will keep a close eye on them for sure.

Perky Missy

These little ladies arrived in very perfect shape and seem happy. If they become unhappy it will be my fault because you can tell they feel at home. I am so happy they are here.

I ordered 5 plants ,a little on the small side .but arrived well paged and good shape . Price was good ,I will order again . I would recommend this company


This plant came in the mail unharmed. The fuzz is so pleasing. It looks great with my others.