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Aeonium Sunburst

Aeonium Sunburst

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Sunburst Plant Description

Aeonium "Sunburst" is an ever-changing colorful succulent. The colors are dramatic and bright. No wonder they call it a 'Sunburst'. The leaves are variegated and flat with a mix of pink and yellow. In full sun the margins on the leaves turn bright pink. Aeoniums go through a dormancy period in the summer, during this time the leaves curl into their centers to protect them from the sun and stop growing. When fall arrives, the leaves open and stretch to become big colorful rosette that look like daisies. One of our personal favorites here at Succy Crafts! It is important to know that Aeonium varieties are monocarpic. Meaning that after they bloom they die, but off set baby plants that will live on.

Sunburst Plant Specs and Regions

Native to: Canary Islands, Maderia, Morocco, East Africa

Zone: 9, 10,11

Hardiness: tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frost

Recommended light conditions: full sun to part shade

Bloomtime: Winter

Bloom Color: yellow/white

Sunburst Water and Light Recommendations

Watering Needs Indoors: Instead of giving your succulents gradual sips of water throughout the week, give them a good soaking, to the point where water runs out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Be sure to empty the water that runs into the saucer, succulents do not like to sit in water. Then let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Watering Needs Outdoors: In the Summer water your succulents every two weeks, by soaking them and letting them dry before watering again. In the Winter water your succulents once a month.

Technical Information About This Plant

  • Requires bright light for most of the day. Or constant dappled shade.
  • Best to water every 2 weeks. Avoiding letting water sit in the rosette.
  • Available in 2 inch size. (Based on availability)


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