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Grafted Moon Cacti Bundle Pack

Grafted Moon Cacti Bundle Pack

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Bundle Description

These plants are perfect for the home of any succulent lover!
Even though these botanical wonders start off in a 2.5-inch plastic pot, your succulents will grow to become big and beautiful over time through their slow process of Grafting.

So get ready to plant up these moon cacti into larger pots as you keep them healthy with most lighting by watering sparingly every month or so. The best part? These snazzy Moon Cactus Bundles come in a variety of colors!
These will bare root and can be replanted into larger pots right away.

This Grafted Moon Cacti Succulent bundle is made up of Grafted Cactus plants which are very popular succulent varieties These varieties are succulents that can do well indoors (with appropriate lighting), with watering being very sparse (1 light waterings per month).

These Grafted Cacti will come in a variety of colors.  Red, Yellow, Pink and Orange. 

Every bundle will come with a selected variety of 2 Grafted Moon Cacti that are perfect for indoor conditions.

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