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  • Echeveria Black Knight *Rare* - for sale by Succy Crafts
  • Echeveria Black Knight *Rare* - for sale by Succy Crafts
  • Echeveria Black Knight *Rare* - for sale by Succy Crafts
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Echeveria Black Knight *Rare*

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Echeveria 'Black Knight' is a unique succulent that is popular among succulent collectors. The dramatic dark purple colored rosettes have long sharp looking leaves that reach up to the sky. In the summer this succulent will bloom bright red blooms that make this plant the center of attention in any drought tolerant garden. The bright red blooms will attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Native to: South and Central America

Zone: 9-11

Hardiness: tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frost

Recommended light conditions: partial sun partial shade

Bloomtime: Fall through Winter

Bloom Color: red

Watering Needs Indoors: Instead of giving your succulents gradual sips of water throughout the week, give them a good soaking, to the point where water runs out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Be sure to empty the water that runs into the saucer, succulents do not like to sit in water. Then let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Watering Needs Outdoors: In the Summer water your succulents every two weeks, by soaking them and letting them dry before watering again. In the Winter water your succulents once a month.

Technical Information About This Plant

  • Requires bright light for most of the day. Or constant dappled shade.
  • Best to water every 2 weeks. Avoiding letting water sit in the rosette.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Melissa Cohen
Exceeded my expectations

This plant came very healthy, very large, amazing coloring, had a cute little alien plant probe growing and another baby one starting, very carefully packaged. I adore this one.

Happy Customer

I was a dummy and ordered a bunch of plants during a week where it was always under 20 degrees. I also bought a heat pack. Everything came nicely packaged and more importantly: alive! Since it shipped from California to New York, I'm pretty impressed. As a first time customer I was worried about purchasing from a smaller business, but I think it was definitely worth it. Currently, the plant is more green than black, but I hope once we get into spring/summer it'll darken up. This time of year we don't really see much sun. But it's been doing well since I repotted it.

Pretty but damaged

The plant itself was healthy and pretty. But one of the leaf was damaged during the transportation.

Francine Asada

well packaged came quickly

rosalie Martens

Its a very cute little plant

Felicia Henderson
Love it!

Beautiful healthy and happy plant.