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For the Indoor Succulents You MUST Provide Constant and Consistent Lighting 

This dual headed full spectrum succulent grow light is a must have for anyone that keeps their succulents indoors whether for a day, week, or a whole season.

No more second guessing if your plants are getting sufficient light. 

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Great Features On This Set Of Grow Lights

  1. Full Spectrum lights mean that your plants are getting all spectrums of light necessary for good growth and bloom cycles.

  2. Flexible heads make it easy to maneuver your lights to fit your space needs and to provide plants light where needed.

  3. LED lights provide a long lifetime with excellent energy efficiency.

  4. The built in timer function allows you to set the lights and forget them. They will automatically cycle on and off every day as long as you set the timer.

  5. Powerful C Clamp allows you to set your lights up in almost any scenario with ease.

  6. Adjustable light power makes it easy for you to pick the perfect strength of lighting based on your individual plant needs.

⭐ Succulent plants are extremely sensitive to light. If you desire to keep your succulents compact and colorful, it is important to know how much light you should give them. 

⭐ If you keep your succulents indoors, it is 100% necessary to use a grow light for your succulents.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Marilynn Lawler
Working well

My plants have been under new grow lights for a week now, and already seeing positive growth and color. May need to get a second one, excellent price.

Jeanie Shelley
Grow lights are awesome..

I love it.

glenda Harrett

Ty! I love my lights. They are helping my succulents and my garden vegetables. Tomatoes and Green peppers and also cabbage!!!I van finally plant seeds and they come up now!

Bobbie Lusch
Grow lights

My order got here so quickly I am very pleased to say I was kinda caught off guard it came so fast. Everything was packaged so carefully you could see the care they take with everything they sell with how carefully everything was wrapped and packed in the box. I'm very happy with these lights it's only been a week and my succulents are already coloring up, the stretching has stopped and they are showing signs of babies already!!! I can't possibly tell you how happy I am with this little grow light that is doing a very big job with all my babies I love it so much I'm gonna get another one just to make sure I've got full coverage for all my beautiful little succulents, thank you so much for the great service.

Kathryn Krosley
Good Grow Light

This is a great grow light and the price is good. I just wish the cord was a little longer. But I can get around that so I would definitely buy again. BTW, could you please sell more pots?! 🤣 I love the 2 I have!

Lindsay Benson
My Plants love it

My plants are absolutely loving the grow lights and are putting out a bunch of new growth. My cuttings are now finally sprouting roots like crazy. I think I may need to order 1 to 2 more.

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