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Monthly Succscription

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Register today for our monthly "Succscription"!

We make it simple.

You'll just need to select how many succulents per month you would like to receive. Once you have chosen how many plants you will continue to checkout at normal.

After checking out we will package and ship your order as normal. And we will send continuous shipments of the same quantity every 30 days after that. Your card will be charged every 30 days for the membership.

Do I get to choose the plants that come in my boxes?

Good question. You will not be able to individually pick the plants for your box. These are randomly selected every month and we will not ship duplicate plants in the box within a 6 month period.

Will the plants be different every month?

Yes! We will not ship duplicate plants in the box within a 6 month period.

Am I getting a better deal by subscribing versus a normal purchase?

You are! Our "succscription" boxes are at least 20% cheaper than our regular retail prices on the selected plants.

What sizes are included in the boxes?

These boxes exclusively feature our small plants which are perfect for 2-3 inch pots.

Can I purchase the membership as a gift?

Of course! Our monthly boxes make great gifts for the nature lovers in your life.

What if I want to cancel or change my membership?

Canceling or modifying your membership is easy. Simply email us letting us know about your plans and we are happy to help!

You will email us at:

Can Other Coupons or Discounts Apply?

Our monthly plans are not eligible for additional discounts or promotions unless we specifically state so in an offer.