Moisture Meter - for sale by Succy Crafts
Moisture Meter - for sale by Succy Crafts
Moisture Meter - for sale by Succy Crafts

Succulent Moisture Meter

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For the Container Gardener

A moisture meter is a handy tool that measures the watering and light needs for your potted succulents. 

No more second guessing yourself whether your succulents need to be watered or if they are getting sufficient light. 

⭐Succulent plants are extremely sensitive to light. If you desire to keep your succulents compact and colorful, it is important to know how much light you should give them. 

⭐If you keep your succulents indoors, it is best to use a grow light for your succulents.

⭐If you keep your succulents outdoors, it is best to give them bright indirect sunlight.

Below is a quick start guide with steps to reading your plants moisture level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Beatrix Perez
Does the job

The meter works as described, no issues so far.


I love this. Takes the worry out of do water or do not water.

Debbie Sickler
Excellent Customer Service- Moisture Meter Mixup

I ordered a moisture meter, but when the order arrived, it was a grow light instead. I messaged Succy Crafts and the replied very quickly with an apology for the mistake, a corrected order placed for me and said to keep the light for free! The correct item came quickly and I’m very happy with both products!

Kelsey Bowen
Water Meter

Haven’t gotten to use it a whole lot yet, but so far, I love it. This is going to save so many babies.

Tara Deardorff

Great product and works well Love Succy Crafts. I am a succulent nut now.......

Donna Shipley
Love it!

This is a very handy gadget! I tend to over-water everything and expect this meter to help me train myself to do better. I carry it around with me as I water my plants and so far it is doing an excellent job!!!