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  • Haworthia Fasciata Variegata 'Variegated Zebra Haworthia' - for sale by Succy Crafts
  • Haworthia Fasciata Variegata 'Variegated Zebra Haworthia' - for sale by Succy Crafts
  • Haworthia Fasciata Variegata 'Variegated Zebra Haworthia' - for sale by Succy Crafts
  • Variegated Zebra Haworthia *Rare* - for sale by Succy Crafts
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Variegated Zebra Haworthia *Rare*

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Haworthia Fasciata is one of our personal favorites here at Succy Crafts. A great plant for succulent beginners to enjoy indoors or outdoors. This Haworthia has thick yellow-green pointy leaves with bumpy white stripes. No wonder this plant is also known as the 'Zebra Haworthia'. This succulent will bloom long flower shoots from the center of its rosette and bloom white star like flowers. This succulent plant needs to be placed by a sunny windowsill if kept indoors or in a bright sunny location outdoors. Morning sunlight is ideal. This succulent develops variegated streaks along the leaves in green and cream hues. A unique succulent to have in your succulent collection. Will add texture and height to your succulent arrangements.

Native to: South Africa

Zone: 10

Hardiness: tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frost

Recommended light conditions: full sun to partial shade

Bloomtime: Spring 

Bloomcolor: white

Watering Needs Indoors: Instead of giving your succulents gradual sips of water throughout the week, give them a good soaking, to the point where water runs out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Be sure to empty the water that runs into the saucer, succulents do not like to sit in water. Then let the soil dry out completely before watering again.

Watering Needs Outdoors: In the Summer water your succulents every two weeks, by soaking them and letting them dry before watering again. In the Winter water your succulents once a month.

Technical Information About This Plant

  • Requires bright light for most of the day. Or constant dappled shade.
  • Best to water every 2 weeks.
  • Available in a medium size (based on availability)

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I prefer to simply call it beautiful instead of "rare"

I ordered one of the Zebra Haworthia *Rare* and was slightly disappointed that no order confirmation was sent to my email address. Succy Crafts however, DID NOT disappoint in the timely delivery of a specimen much larger than I expected - so large in fact that I removed several of the outer leaves and planted them in the hopes of propagating them also. This particular cultivar is available from many suppliers which is why I would not categorize it as "rare", but Succy does offer it at one of the better price points even with shipping costs included.

Sandra Bryan
Zebra Haworthia

The succulent arrived fully intact and ready to plant! Very carefully packed!
This plant topped off my succulent garden!
I wouldn't hesitate to reorder at a later date!😊

Keith K
Cool little zebras

These little variegated succulents look fantastic next to my mature zebra plants.

Annette Carberry

I have been getting succulents from succycrafts for a while and they are beautiful

Rosetta Knorn
My succulents

Rec’d my order. It was packed like I was getting a box of gold. Everything arrived in excellent condition and could not be happier with the company or products. I highly recommend this company and will be will placing orders in the future for sure.
Thank you again

Dylan H.
Really unique and beautiful!

This plant arrived healthy and vibrant. It looks great in my planter.