• Succulent Basics and Care Guide

    Succulents 101 - What to Expect

    So you are new to succulent plants... This guide will give you an intro the the basics, such as lighting, watering needs, and how to plant your new succulents.

    Read: What to Expect and Succulent Basics

  • How and When to Water Succulents

    Watering is the MOST important care peice when it comes to succulents. The #1 cause of loss with succulents is overwatering.

    Read: When and How to Water Your Succulents

  • How to Arrange Succulents

    Succulents make the perfect plant type to create arrangements with. Why is that? Because they last! These easy arrangements make a perfect gift that will outlast typical flower arrangements by months.

    Read: Making Your First Succulent Arrangement

  • The 3 Most Common Succulent Pests

    Succulents are typically very pest resistant. However, if you do see an issue with your plants, this simple guide will help you identify and fix the problem.

    Read: Fix Your Succulent Pest Problem In 60 Seconds

Just Getting Started With Succulents?

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