🖼️ Living Succulent Picture Frame DIY

 Living Succulent Picture Frame DIY

In today's DIY guide we are going to go over one of the most requested crafts ever! This living succulent photo frame is sure to be a hit in your home. The perfect piece to use for an indoor decor piece that is easy to maintain and will create stunning textures around your home.

Living Succulent Photo Fram DIY Guide 



  1. Picture frame with the glass and back removed. 
  2. Succulent cuttings cut and calloused over. 
  3. Four pieces of cedar or redwood cut to fit the back of the picture frame. 
  4. Drill/small drill bit
  5. Wire mesh
  6. Staple gun/staples
  7. Plywood cut to fit the back of what will be the shadow box. 
  8. Clean piece of cloth
  9. Gel stain
  10. Cacti mix
  11. Chopstick
  12. Sawtooth hangers
  13. Wood glue
  14. Wire cutters
  15. Hammer
  16. Wood protective finish
  17. Gloves


1.You can either shop for a frame that you like or use one that you already have. Make sure that the glass and the back can be easily removed. 

DIY Succulent Photo Frame Guide
2.I went to the Home Depot to the lumber section and picked out four pieces of cedar that fit the width of the back of the picture frame. An employee there cut the long pieces to fit the length of the frame. He also cut the plywood to fit the back of what the shadow box will be.

Succulent Photo Frame DIY Guide 
**3.With your staple gun staple the four pieces of wood to create a frame as shown above.

4.Using your wire cutters cut your wire mesh to fit the inside of your picture frame. It should fit perfectly where your glass use to be. 

Living Succulent Photo Frame

Succulent Photo Frame Guide

5.With your piece of clean cloth (I used a piece of an old towel) start staining your wood pieces. Use gloves for this step. Wait for all wood pieces to completely dry. 

Succulent Frame Guide DIY
6.With your wood glue, glue the frame you created to the back of your picture frame. Next, glue the piece of plywood to complete your shadow box. 

Photo Frame with Succulents DIY
**7.Add some weight to the freshly glued pieces. (I used a brick) Wait until completely dry.

8.Apply your protective wood finish to the stained pieces. 

Photo Frame with Succulents How to Make
9.Hammer down your sawtooth hangers to the back of the picture frame. 

Succulent Photo Frames for Sale
**10.Drill two or three holes to both the top and the bottom of your frame. This will help you water from the top and it will drain from the bottom. 

11.Fill your box tightly with cacti mix to the rim. 

Succulent Photo Frame Guide to Make
12.Choose succulents that tend to grow low. Make sure that you don't cut the stems too short, as you would do to cuttings. The stem will help you get through the wire mesh using your chopstick to gently press them through. Keep the frame flat until the plants are fully rooted, then hang* 

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Would I be able to buy the succulents pictured in this picture frame? I need a DYI project and I love plants; this would be awesome.

Kathleen Lemise

I love all of them I would like a few of them

Olive Austin

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