🌳 Succulent Pinecone DIY

Succulent Pinecone DIY

In today's DIY guide we will welcome the fall with a pinecone succulent planter! You can either hang them in your garden or nestle multiple pinecones in a basket to display as a centerpiece for your dinner table. 

DIY succulent pinecone by succy crafts



  1. Pinecone (big) 
  2. Sphagnum moss 
  3. Tacky glue
  4. Succulent cuttings
  5. Twine or yarn


1.Choose a nice big pinecone, preferably one with a deep base for the moss. If you can't find one with a deep enough base, simply pluck off the pinecone scales to create one.

DIY succulent craft by succy crafts

Pinecone DIY by succy crafts

2.This is the tricky part😬 Grab your preference of string and cut a small piece. I cut a piece the size of my forearm. About 1/4 way down the pinecone gently intertwine the string between the scales. I wrapped my string twice around and pulled the string tightly towards the core of the pinecone. You want both sides of the string opposite of each other and as leveled as possible to be able to hang it when it is complete.

3.Grab a small amount of dry moss place glue on it and press it onto the base of the pinecone.

succulent DIY by succy crafts 

4.I placed my pinecone in a small pot to keep it steady while I arranged my succulents. I prepped about 8 baby cuttings no bigger than a nickel by cutting their stems short and letting them callous over. I glued the biggest succulent in the center and glued the rest of the cuttings around it by laying them on top of the scales to keep them from falling. The scales act like little plates that keep the cuttings in place. I added small ornamental berries to add a little autumn jazz😊


pinecone succulent DIY by succy crafts


DIY succulent craft by succy crafts


garden decor DIY by succy crafts


fall DIY by succy crafts


Side note: Let your cuttings completely dry before hanging your masterpiece. If you want to add a hanging element as I did with the sedum 'little missy' make sure it is not a heavy one, like string of pearls or string of bananas. A lighter version like string of hearts will be a better option. This way they won't weigh down your pinecone or fall off before growing their roots.


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Hi I tried to make a pinecone planter it didn’t come out as well as yours but I’m just a beginner and hope to improve with practice. Thanks for this awesome idea.

Elaine Calderon

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