Collection: Aloe Succulents

General Aloe Succulent Facts

Aloe is a large genus of flowering succulent plants with thicker, fleshy leaves. Although the origin of the genus' name is unknown, the most commonly accepted theory is that it comes from the Arabic words "alloch" or "alloeh", a vernacular name for medically used members of the genus. Despite its medicinal uses, the gel inside of Aloe plants can be toxic, so make sure you keep bitey animals and humans away from your aloe babies!

Examples of Common Aloe Succulent Plants

A few common Aloes include the Bicolor Dwarf Gasteria, Aloe Vera, Lace Aloe, Climbing Aloe, Park Avenue Aloe, Minnie Belle Aloe

Regions that Aloe Succulents Come From

Aloe Succulents are native to Africa, Madigascar, and the Arabian Peninsula.

Why We Love Aloe Succulents at Succy Crafts

Aloes usually have such a vibrant green color and, while they're all in the same family, they can turn out looking so very different. The Bicolor Dwarf Gasteria for example, that thing looks like a crazy pair of tongues!

Aloe Succulent Care Tips

Make sure you have an area that offers bright, indirect(or artificial) sunlight, try not to keep it in sustained light for too long as the succys don't really like that and will turn its leaves yellow. Make sure that you aren't overwatering them either, a common problem Aloes run into is root rot so make sure not to water them unless the soil is dry!