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Collection: Sedeveria Succulents

General Sedeveria Facts

Sedeverias are succulent plants that are hybrids crosses between Sedum and Echeveria. Sedeveria commonly have lovely rosettes that look like flowers but in varying shades of green.

Examples of Common Sedeveria Succulent Plants

Common Sedeveria succulents include Sedeveria Letizia, Sedeveria Blue Elf, Sedeveria 'Harry Butterfield' Super Donkey Tail, Sedeveria Dark Elf, Sedeveria Fanfare

Regions that Sedeveria Succulents Come From

Being a hybrid succulent, Sedeverias are varied in their regions that they hail from. They tend to come from areas their parent succulents are commonly found in.

Why We Love Sedeverias at Succy Crafts

What's not to love about these succulents? From the bright grower Letizia to the mint-green cascading Harry Butterfield, there is something for every possible arrangement or garden in this hybrid succulent. The Harry Butterfield in particular looks absolutely breathtaking in a hanging garden or pot!

Sedeveria Care Tips

Sedeverias are very easy to take care of, doubly so if you're someone in a warmer region. Be sure to plant them in a well draining soil in a sun dappled area and that's practically all the care they require! However, some of them are only able to grow reliably in USDA zones 10-11, so be sure to either check that you live in an applicable zone or make sure to grab an indoor growlight to properly take care of it indoors.