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Othonna Capensis 'Ruby Necklace' - for sale by Succy Crafts
Othonna Capensis 'Ruby Necklace' - for sale by Succy Crafts

Othonna Capensis 'Ruby Necklace'

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Ruby Necklace, a popular trailing succulent that is perfect for hanging baskets or tall planters. This plant has purple long stems that can grow up to 12 inches or longer. The green leaves are long, green and fleshy and can turn into a dark purple color if given enough light. A sought after succulent because of its unique color and trailing growing effect.Ā 

Hardiness: tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frostā„ļø

Zone: 9a-11b

Recommended light conditions:Ā full sunĀ ā˜€ļø

Bloomtime šŸ’:Ā Spring

Bloom ColorĀ šŸŽØ: yellow

Watering NeedsĀ Indoors:Ā Instead ofĀ giving yourĀ succulents gradualĀ sips ofĀ waterĀ throughout the week, give them a good soaking, to the point whereĀ waterĀ runs out the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Be sure to empty theĀ waterĀ that runs into the saucer, succulents do not like to sit in water. Then let the soil dry out completely beforeĀ wateringĀ again.

Watering needsĀ Outdoors:Ā In theĀ SummerĀ water your succulents every two weeks, by soaking them and letting them dry before watering again. In theĀ WinterĀ water your succulents once a month.Ā 

Ā Technical Information AboutĀ This Plant

  • Requires bright light for most of the day. Or constant dappled shade.
  • Best to water every 2 weeks.Ā 
  • Available in a small size (based on availability)