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My Very Own Succulent - A Children's Succulent Book By: Betsy Clark

My Very Own Succulent - A Children's Succulent Book By: Betsy Clark

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This fun and easy to read children's book will make the perfect gift for the young nature lovers in your life! Let their imagination run wild with a book about learning the joys of nature along with the fun of caring for their very own plant!

Authored by Betsy E Clark and Illustrated by Stefanie T. Geyer

Book Description

Anna hears about a plant with magical powers — can she find one for her own?

Has the young child in your life shown an interest in gardening? Is your child asking to be a plant parent? Encourage their curiosity about plant care with this charming children’s book about growing succulents. Parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing this read-aloud book about family activities in the garden. Combine this delightfully illustrated book with a live plant, to create a unique hands-on gift for the special child in your life.

In this charming children’s nature book, a young child experiences the joy of caring for their own succulent plant. Follow along as the child selects a succulent from among the variety in the garden store and learns the steps to keep it healthy.

Teachers, use this book to supplement classroom lessons about nature. Use it to spark a class discussion about the variety of plants that exist right in your own town. The appendix lists additional succulent growing tips that teachers and parents will find helpful.

Book Specs

Page count: 36

Book Dimensions: 8x8

Book Reading Level: Kid Friendly

Succy Book Club Rating: 10/10⭐

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amy P
Darling book

My boys loved reading about the girl who discovered the joy of owning a succulent. They were glad there were tips on caring for a succulent at the end because we got a variety of succulents from Succy Crafts, too.

Patti Enz

Cute book. Can't wait to share with my granddaughter.

Rebecca Keller
Baby shower biok

So excited to share this lovely book with my new grand baby

BeckyJo Farquhar

Love this book!

Darlene H Hamilton
Succulents & book for my little friend.

I bought the book “My Very Own Succulent” & 2 little succulents for a little girl that is close to my heart. I babysat her for a long time & I always loved introducing her to new things. I think (with her mommy’s help) she will love her plants..& the book. We used to read a lot too!

Kayla Cooper

My 2 year old absolutely loves this book and it makes plants fun for her. We were able to repot our succulents together and read this book for a super fun activity.